1. Glad to score this with music and a little sound design. Thanks Forza Productions for asking me to be a part. Here’s to more national ad campaigns!

    (Source: youtu.be)

  2. One of my favorite SOUND DESIGN projects, thanks to BIG Communications for letting me be a part of this series!

    (Source: vimeo.com)


  3. Singer/Songwriter I’m working with. Check it out she’s a great talent and bright future ahead of her!


  4. One of my latest scores, really proud of this and glad Big Communications asked me to be a part!  Still waiting for my Car Commercial, but this was pretty satisfying :)

  5. Thankful to get the opportunity to compose for this!  thanks to Taylor and Compassion for letting me do my part of telling the story.  I’m inspired, as I’m sure you are, by Kaitlin and her choices! 


  6. ""A musician cannot move others unless he too is moved." - C.P.E. Bach"
  7. another great opportunity to work with Big Communications, in Alabama,  but my favorite is yet to come :)

  8. First Video to Score for Compassion, but I’ve been supporting their work for 20 years!  I’ve been to Uganda, I’ve seen the work first hand.  These guys are the real deal!!  help them any way you can!  :)


  9. "Impossibility is the perfect climate for a miracle- Angus Buchnar"
    — friend of mine posted this on TWITTER, loved it so I “borrowed” it :)

  10. "Rich is someone who can afford to make choices. Someone who has more than enough to merely survive."
    — paraphrased from “We Are All Weird” by Seth Godin